Explaining what you thought you saw
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Donations to Wolf Paranormal Investigations
We do not charge for our services.
Team members do not get paid for any of their contributions to Wolf Paranormal Investigations.
All of our expenses are out of pocket, including travel, accommodation, and equipment expenses.
However, we do accept donations. All proceeds from donations go towards furthering our research, purchasing equipment for our work in the paranormal field, or to aid in travel and/or administration expenses.
All donations of $30.00 or more will receive a free Thank You  gift from Wolf Paranormal Investigations!
Donations of $30.00 will receive a free gift of a pen
Donations of $40.00  will receive a free gift of a  key chain flashlight
Donations of $50.00 will receive a free gift of a black & white t-shirt 
(printed on front only)
Donations of $60.00  will receive a free gift of a 2GB USB  flash drive
Donations of $70.00 will receive a free gift of a   full color t-shirt
(printing on both front and back) 
Donations of $100.00 or more will receive a free gift of a  full color t-shirt and  
 key chain flashlight
(All items will be shipped by Canada Post and a estimated arrival date will be emailed to you).