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Class A EVP - 100% audible, clear voice & intelligent or reactive
responses, not random noise or words. Audible to the
human ear no enhancements needed, no question to what the voice
is saying.

Class B EVP - Practically audible, some doubt to the interpretation,
syllables & consonant pronunciation is questionable. Non English EVP are placed in this

Class C EVP - Frequency levels support this unexplainable voice,
not always audible, but some constants are present. Audible, but faint.
Out of text words or phrases that are not explained by correlating data.

Class D EVP - Non published or announced EVP. This may be an
EVP, but it is too questionable to declare as paranormal. Whispers,
faint murmurs, breathe like sounds and airy sounding voices. This
classification is not the trash barrel for EVP; it is simply a holding
area until the EVP has been validated by all data.
note: Most Evp's found on UPhO's will fall into this category.
Although normally unpublished we have decided to post them for research purposes
and encourage fellow investigators and enthusiasts offer comments, suggestions and insights.

Class G EVP -
G stands for GARBAGE. Trash it
Electronic voice phenomena is the practice of attempting to record ghosts and spirits. The sounds that make up an EVP are sonic events of unknown origin, which can sometimes be heard, but are mostly captured in recordings, on various types of electronic apparatus.

The AA-EVP found that most EVP messages are recorded more frequently in the evening and/or during stormy weather (best times for ghost hunting). Most EVP messages are typically short in length, preceded by a click or thud sound, are usually in the language of the experimenter being delivered in a single voice (male or female), and exhibit a frequency shift different from the normal human voice frequency range.

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