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Green Hill Mine 
Case Status: open 
The Greenhill Mine is an abandoned mining site north of Blairmore, Alberta. Started by the West Canadian Collieries in 1913, the mining site became the mainstay of Blairmore. The tipple of the mine is located on the side of Bluff Mountain, it is now considered a historic site. The Greenhill hit its peak of production in 1946 when 759,000 tons (3,000 tons per day) was processed through the tipple. With the end of the Second World War and the substitution of oil for coal, Blairmore’s mining industry slipped into retirement. The Greenhill mine closed April 30th, 1957 and West Canadian Collieries closed its offices about a year later.
Visiting this site is like taking a step back in time and even though it is located fairly close to the highway there is still a feeling of seclusion. The complex has many buildings and features, including a sealed mine portal with a sulfur spring, a lamp and wash house, compressor buildings complete with machinery, and many other structures. Because of time constraints and the overall size of the area we limited our investigation to the areas listed above, but this is defiantly a place which Wolf Paranormal will be returning to in the near future.
A write up of this investigation can be found here
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