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Our Investigation Guidelines
All of our investigations are done in a professional and respectful manner. The confidentiality, health, safety and well being of our clients are paramount to us. Any suggestions or recommendations offered by us to the client is presented with this in mind.
We investigate with the concept that 98% of paranormal activity can and does have reliable and plausible explanations (it's the other 2% we strive to capture)
We do not acknowledge or give credence to orbs in our photos/videos unless they are exhibiting unusual or illogical behaviour, or are accompanied by additional extenuating paranormal activity occurring at the time.
Any evidence sent to us for evaluation by either the public or fellow investigators undergo's the same criteria as our own, we will always respond with our thoughts and ideas on the evidence submitted.
We do not conduct investigations on private property without express written permission from the owner or legal custodian of the property or building.
Wolf Paranormal reviews all evidence with the most careful and thorough processes we currently have the knowledge and capability of completing.  We do not offer manipulated audio files to the public and all audio is presented in its original form. Photos and videos may undergo a minimal manipulation to enhance anomalies but are always presented accompanied by the original photo. All photos, video, recordings are usually reviewed by a minimum of 2 investigators.
All photos and audio must pass a 5 step process before being presented to the client/public.
  1. Discovery - discovery of possible evidence on recorders or cameras
  2. Evaluation - photos undergo evaluation for shutter speed, over/under exposure etc.,    audio for other environmental influences such as furnaces, air fresheners, cars passing etc.
  3. Comparison - we sync all video and audio together. Many times something caught on one device is explained on another.
  4. Debate - evidence is reviewed and debated by all team members present at the investigation and a decision is reached as to its placement ie: evidence, debunking, UPhO's
  5. Consensus - a consensus between must be reached between all team members present at the investigation before any findings are presented to the client/public.

Evidence we find that is questionable will be presented under UPhO's along with an explanation of why it was dismissed by us. We provide this for comments, interpretations and research by fellow paranormal investigators and enthusiasts and warmly welcome any feedback, insights or additional "tricks of the trade".

Unusual or questionable photos / videos are reviewed for known debunking factors such as over/under exposure, sharpness, blurriness etc. Photos are then reviewed and subjected to certain proceedures, such as light fill (eliminates orbs), contrast and brightness.
Special thanks Mike St. Clair of  Viper Paranormal for sharing his knowledge and techniques.

If no explainable conclusion has been reached regarding the photo or video we will then proceed to conduct our daylight comparison photos and attempt a recreation to as close to the original conditions as possible.


Audio is reviewed with the aid of a headset in its original state and without manipulation. Any evidence an investigator puts forth to other team members must be audible as such.
We feel that if you have to work that hard to clarify or understand the potential EVP, then its probably not an EVP.
Any questionable audio may then be isolated and reviewed by the investigator and subjected to various slight manipulations to better ascertain the source or help with interpretation of the noise. These may include things such as noise reduction, amplification or speed reduction. These manipulations are never saved and all audio files are presented in thier original form.

Audio evidence from recorders are also compared and synced to any video taken at the time, this has been a valuable asset in which to eliminate noises or movement that may have escaped or been missed when tagging.

The Investigation Evidence Review Process
Evidence Review Process
and Criteria
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