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Mountain View Cemetery
Established in 1952, families in Calgary and neighbouring communities have come to appreciate Mountain View Memorial Gardens for its beautiful panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains, city skyline and expansive prairie. The cemetery is 122 acres and graced with mature trees, benches, colourful flower gardens, Italian marble statuary and two sparkling ponds, which feature water fountains and a home to waterfowl.
Investigating Mountain View
With Mountain View located on the outskirts of the city we hoped to reduce some of the external noises that come with investigating cemeteries located close to the city core. We quickly found that Mountain View brought its own set of problems.
Surrounded  by flat farmland on all sides with no physical barriers, we quickly found that sounds traveled great distances often becoming distorted durring the travel, especially to our recorders. Two busy roads intersecting at one corner of the cemetery provide a continual background noise of traffic, and the sound of animals in the vicinity, both domestic (cows,dogs etc.) and wild are often heard. Combine this with the additional noises and disturbances of the waterfowl in the ponds and the snapping and knocking of flags and flagpoles and it makes this investigation just as hard, if not harder to review than inner city cemeteries.
*Note: Wolf Paranormal Investigations is looking forward to a return visit to Mountain View in
            2013 in order to attempt to recreate the photo found on the UPhO's  link.
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