Explaining what you thought you saw
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South East Calgary - 2013
Case Status: closed
Claims are as follows:

seeing a black shadow figure in master bedroom
intense cold spots
doors opening and closing on their own
doors banging when no one but the client is home
footsteps heard on front porch
items disappearing and reappearing
hearing people walking around, coming through the front door
banging on walls
master bedroom gets freezing cold, even though it is the hottest room in the house (is near the furnace)
bed covers being lifted off of client while client is in bed

The client resides in the southeast quadrant of the city in a district that was established in 1969. Research into the area showed that prior to the district itself being established, the entire area was predominantly farm- and pastureland, and was not a part of the city itself until 1961, when the city annexed the land and development of the district began. The specific location where the client resides was also farm and pastureland prior to development.

Preliminary report here
A full write up for this investigation can be found here