Explaining what you thought you saw
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Rocky View County
UPhO photo
Case Status: Open
The claims are as follows:

– bathroom clock continually turned upside down and teetering on edge of small shelf

– coffee machine and tea kettle turning on by themselves (tea kettle must be manually switched to the “on” position)

– large, vinyl-backed floor mat at back door being thrown down basement stairs

– blown-glass candle-holder being removed from closet shelf and left on floor

– teddy bear on top of book shelf being tossed on floor

– oldest child being woken in the middle of the night almost every night

– digital clock in youngest child’s bedroom continually going “out” and flashing

– unexplained rattling on oldest child’s closet door

– both children afraid of basement

– motion sensor in bathroom going off in the middle of the night

– doors opening/closing by themselves

– oldest child and client’s spouse frequently seeing shadow figures at night

– floor drain in laundry area being physically removed and placed in middle of the floor

Out of town private residence located in the Rocky View County
The home is a rustic, cabin-like home built in the early 1970's. The main floor consists of three bedrooms, full bathroom, kitchen, and living room. The basement consists of a full bathroom, laundry room, a small cold-storage room, and a spare room once used as a bedroom.
Details and results of the investigation can be found here