Explaining what you thought you saw
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Signs of a Haunting
If you are experiencing unexplained activity in your home or business, this list can help you determine whether to seek help from paranormal investigators. If you require more information or want to request a investigation please feel free to contact us.
Paranormal Society
You may have a haunting if:
- you experience strong feelings of being watched or followed
- you experience sudden, unexplained breezes
- you experience sudden cold spots or cold feelings
- the hair on your arms and neck suddenly stands on end
- you hear unexplained voices (e.g. whispers, moans, growls, laughing, etc.) 
- appliances turn off or on by themselves
- doors open or close by themselves
- items are moved or rearranged on their own
- furniture is rearranged on its own
- you hear unexplained footsteps
- you hear tapping or knocking from no obvious or apparent source
- you see an apparition
- you hear your name being called when no one is there
- unexplained lights
- flickering lights (not caused by electrical problems)
- being touched by someone or something you can't see
- you feel your clothing being tugged on
- unexplained smoke or mists
- your hair or clothing is pulled instead of tugged on
- you experience a feeling of extremely heavy hot air in a localized area
- parts of an area are darker than others, without an obvious cause
- you experience strong, foul odors
- sudden feelings of sadness or nausea (not caused by mental or other health issues)
- you see shadows that are darker than other shadows around it
- you hear barks, snarls, or growls that seem to come from "everywhere"
- you have unexplained marks (cuts, scrapes, etc) on your body
- you experience thoughts that are not your own
- you do things you would not normally do
- religious items go missing or get damaged/broken
- you hear voices that are neither male NOR female
- you see small children in your home that are not your own and whom you do not know or recognize
- you see blob-like forms floating in your home or around your property
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