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St. Mary's Cemetery
St. Mary's Cemetery history dates back to 1876 when it was established as one of the city's first Catholic cemeteries, and today many important founders and pioneers of Calgary are buried there. The Calgary Heritage Authority has deemed the cemetery to be a historically significant cultural landscape that played an important part in the settlement and establishment of Calgary as a city. The City took over the operation of the cemetery in 1935 and is one of the oldest of The City of Calgary's historic cemeteries. St. Mary's Cemetery consists of 7.1 hectares of land. As of 1997, there are 15,018 burials.
Investigating St. Mary's
With the location of this cemetery in a lively, bustling neighborhood and its proximity to the city centre, it makes this location a challenge as an investigator. Being under a flight path coupled with contaminating noises from outside sources requires diligent and constant tagging.
One must also be aware of the proximity of a ravine which is used by both the public and wildlife in the area, and the results of sounds traveling along this natural depression. (On one occasion we actually got a serenade from an opera singer walking along the ravine).
Light play from traffic and nearby homes and businesses also contribute to the difficulty of the investigation and all photo anomalies are double checked with a return visit both during the day, (to eliminate the possibility of the background being misinterpreted), and, as close to the original time and conditions of the original photo in an effort to recreate it. Review of audio recordings can sometimes be very difficult and we rely heavily on multiple devices (such as video comparison) to help evaluate, substantiate or dismiss our findings.
With all that being said, this still is a place that never fails to make an impression and because of these challenges it is a favorite investigation location and training ground for Wolf Paranormal.
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