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Holly has had experiences with the paranormal since the age of two, some of which include disembodied sounds as well as physical manifestations.
"When I began documenting the events taking place in my home and sharing them with friends in the paranormal field, it was suggested to me that I form my own team." 
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Founder, lead investigator, and audio EVP analyst.
Along with his many other talents and skills, Shae is an experienced paranormal investigator and has worked in various capacities in the field for many years.
spiritualist, occultist
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Tim Hortons
Megan has had an interest in the paranormal since early childhood and has had many experiences throughout her life which have fueled her curiosity
Christine feels a connection to spirit and is empathetic to the world around her. She has a respect for life as well as the after life, and believes that both can teach and learn from each other.
Calgary Chapter
Calgary Chapter
Calgary Chapter
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Calgary Chapter
Calgary Team
Paul has spent 16 years in Demonology and Paranormal Research study. He is a avid soccer and hockey fan originally from England.

Calgary Chapter
Investigator / Researcher
Calgary Chapter