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Calgary Team
Okanagan Team
Holly has had experiences with the paranormal since the age of two, some of which include disembodied sounds as well as physical manifestations.
"When I began documenting the events taking place in my home and sharing them with friends in the paranormal field, it was suggested to me that I form my own team." 
Equipment and Supplies
Psychic and Spiritual Aides
Research Tools
If you live in or near the Okanagan area and are interested in joining the team please complete the Membership Application
We are currently looking to fill all team positions
Founder, lead investigator, and audio EVP analyst.
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Calgary Chapter
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Okanagan Team
Calgary Team
Robyn brings a lifelong interest in the paranormal and a stringent adherence to the scientific theory of evidence, not assumptions. 
"Only by eliminating all other possibilities can we then explore the idea of the paranormal."
Lead investigator, debunker,
photo/video analyst
Okanagan Chapter
Elisabeth has a strong desire to learn more about the after-life which drives a passion for knowledge of the paranormal. Her past experiences pose questions as to what happens after we die.
Okanagan Chapter
Okanagan Chapter
Investigator, Equipment Technician
Richard is an experienced investigator with a logical mind and a scientific background. His knowledge of the equipment which he builds and modifies to use on paranormal investigations help him take a scientific approach to correlate clean evidence which aids in collaborating witnessed events.