Explaining what you thought you saw
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Turner Valley / Black Diamond area
The claims are as follows:

– cold breezes where there are no known drafts
– television being physically turned while client is watching it
– shadow figures
– freezing cold in client’s bedroom
– cat responding to unseen presence (swivels ears, stares at door, etc.)
– feeling physical presence of someone laying beside client when client is in bed
– hearing name being called, and being asked if client can hear them
– feeling drawn to specific areas of the home
– inability to sleep

The home is one of several new homes in a new sub-division.

The client has lived in the home for approximately 18 months, and states that for more than half of that time, unexplained events had been occurring. The client also shared that while they do not feel afraid of these events, the occurrences have reached a point where the client wanted to try and find answers.

As this was an out-of-town investigation both the preliminary and actual investigation were conducted on the same day.

A full write up for this investigation can be found here
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