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When in doubt throw it out.
Instead of just throwing it out we offer this evidence for research purposes and evaluation by the public. We will always comment as to why the evidence does not meet our criteria to be offered as paranormal activity. By doing this we hope to not only allow other investigators the opportunity to learn from us, but also to learn from them. We welcome any comments, thoughts, insights or tips from fellow paranormal enthusiasts. 
UPhOs (Unaccepted Phenomena & Occurrences): Photos and audio we cannot be certain are genuine captures. For example, a sound captured on audio that we arenít certain whether itís something in the environment, one of us, wildlife etc.
*note: Wolf Paranormal coined this phrase as a play on words and abbreviations only. This is not a scientific word and is intended for fun only.
This is our photo and video page, audio can be found  here. All photos and videos are up for review by the paranormal community. Some we have already explained and offer them only as examples, others make us go hmmm. 
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This photo was taken at Mountain View Cemetery 2012. The interesting thing about this photo is it was taken shortly after a comment by one of our investigators of the feeling that someone was playing hide and seek around these monuments.
We feel that this may be reflection of the flash from the camera on the marble monuments. Marble can and does reflect light very differently then one would assume.We very much look forward to attempting to recreate this photo in the near future.
*(Unaccepted Phenomena
& Occurrences)
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Although we do know that this is a bug being illuminated by the flash we like to say "we caught a fairy". This is just one example of how reflected light can alter ordinary or natural objects.
Fairies are generally described as human in appearance and having magical powers. Much of the folklore about fairies revolves around protection from their malice, by such means as cold iron (iron is like poison to fairies) or charms of rowan and herbs, or avoiding offense by shunning locations known to be theirs.The modern day physical depiction of fairies differs greatly from that of folklore and in some cultures they are thought of as creatures to avoid and fear
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  • Fairies
  • Dogs and the Dead
  • Prince Princess
  • Cubby Capture
  • Peek a boo
  • Catch me if you can
    Mountain View 2012
    St. Mary's 2012
    We found this very interesting as Rosco is a gentle giant and rarely if ever jumps up on people or items. There were multiple walls of monuments and this was the only one he "pointed out".
    There is no other evidence such as evp's or emf spikes to back this up.
    Mountain View 2012
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    Heritage Park
    This photo was taken by Robyn before she became an investigator with Wolf Paranormal and had an impact on her decision to continue forward to pursue paranormal investigation. see all photos here
    Because of the possibility of matrixing (see note below) this photo has to be discredited.
    As a scientific paranormal investigator, you will often find yourself throwing away what, to the untrained eye, may seem to be excellent evidence.
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    Status: open for discussion
    Status: debunked
    Status: open for discussion
    Status: debunked  but open for discussion
    *Note: "Matrixing" or apophenia, is a common phenomena in which the brain perceives a stimuli, such as an image or a sound, as something it's not. The human brain naturally attempts to find logic in the illogical, and will detect patterns, sounds, or smells that don't exist.
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    Private Residence photo 1
    Rocky View County
    Private Residence photo 2
    Rocky View County
    Upon initial review of this photo it seemed as if a misty entity was emerging from the cubby hole in the basement and crossing in front of the door jamb. Further review of subsequent photos (see photo 2) reveled a slight discoloration on the wood and basement floor. The angle of the first photo and the similarity in colour of these two markings caused them to merge together and appear as if there was something floating from beneath the stairs.

    Most of our investigations include an abundance of photos in order to have adequate resources for comparrisons.
    Status: debunked 
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    This is an example of how lighting, and the angle of the shot can easily misinterpret what is being seen. At first glance it looks as if you can see someone peeking out from the doorway across the hall in the reflection on the glass. Review of additional photos shows it is actually the original picture slightly showing through the reflection.
    Status: debunked 
    Private Residence photo 1
    Private Residence photo 2
    After reviewing the photos taken during this investigation we found that many of the photos were blurry and out of focus, even though they were shot from three cameras of different makes and models. This photo is particularly interesting as it was captured at the same time as another investigator commented about seeing something in the exact area. We have included the audio from the video collaborating this event.

    note: this event occurred during the daytime preliminary
    Green Hill Mine
    Crowsnest Pass
    Status: open for discussion