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*(Unaccepted Phenomena
& Occurrences)
This audio was pulled from a video. We were convinced at first that we had not only caught a EVP but, also had recieved a direct response to a question put forth by an investigator.
Questioning and insight by an outside source resulted in us re-reviewing the evidence. By syncing the video with the audio tapes we ultimately discovered that it was not a capture, but, instead one of the investigators located out of video range.

We now sync all the video with audio when possible, and will continue to re-evaluate any evidence put to the question by others.
St. Mary's 2012
Mountain View 2012
This evp is up in the air for us, as it is very faint and can only be heard with headphones and high volume level. Our first thought was that it was the dog "Rosco". We had brought him along for protection, not from the dead but the living. Review of the video shows him to be standing still and he turns his head in response to a noise at the same time this was caught. It happens directly after a comment by one of the investigators that Rosco likes kids.
The first clip was captured before we discovered the flags and flag poles, which, at that time were located quite a distance from us, the second after the discovery and much closer. Both sounds were heard by the investigators and are commented on. We have to assume the knocking is the flag snapping in the wind or the ropes against the poles.
Mountain View 2012
clip 1
Mountain View 2012
clip 2
We welcome any thoughts or comments in regards to this EVP. Further evaluation of the evidence may result in this clip being moved.
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When in doubt throw it out.

Instead of just throwing it out we offer this evidence for research purposes and evaluation by the public. We will always comment as to why the evidence does not meet our criteria to be offered as paranormal activity. By doing this we hope to not only allow other investigators the opportunity to learn from us, but also to learn from them. We welcome any comments, thoughts, insights or tips from fellow paranormal enthusiasts.
UPhOs (Unaccepted Phenomena Occurrences): Photos and audio we cannot be certain are genuine captures. For example, a sound captured on audio that we aren’t certain whether it’s something in the environment, one of us, wildlife etc
This is our audio page, photos/videos can be found here. All audio is up for review by the paranormal community. Some we have already explained and offer them only as examples, others make us go hmmm. 
*note: Wolf Paranormal coined this phrase as a play on words and abbreviations only.
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Both of these clips were pulled from a stationary recorder at a private residence. As there was a multitude of contaminating noises occurring both from within the residence as well as from outside most of the clips found during this investigation were identified ...these two were not... but, because of the investigation circumstances we have to assume they are not paranormal in nature. This is not the way Wolf Paranormal prefers to conduct their investigations.
Private Residence 2013
Turner Valley/Black Diamond clip 1
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Private Residence 2013
Turner Valley/Black Diamond clip 2
Private Residence 2013
Rocky Mountain County
clip 1
This evp made us work hard to debunk and shows how sounds can change and amplify when traveling through floors and walls. The recorder was placed in the basement and is stationary.The voices you hear are team members located on the floor above. All members were sitting down and no one was moving or walking at the time. We were able to sync the audio with the video camera located on the main floor at the back of the house and the results were inconclusive to explaining what we caught.
We eventually had to sync with a recorder placed on the main floor to debunk this evp. Because of tagging we were able to determine that the banging noises was caused by the cat dish bumping on the side of the kitchen cupboard while the cat was eating. This only re-enforces for us the importance of tagging and review of evidence by syncing to other recordings.
Status: debunked
Status: open for discussion
Status: debunked but open for discussion
Status: debunked
Status: debunked but open for discussion
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Although this is not a evp we have included this on the page because of the collaborating audio/video clip.

After reviewing the photos taken during this investigation we found that many of the photos were blurry and out of focus, even though they were shot from three cameras of different makes and models. This photo is particularly interesting as it was captured at the same time as another investigator commented about seeing something in the exact area. We have included the audio from the video collaborating this event.

note: this event occurred during the daytime preliminary
Green Hill Mine
Crowsnest Pass
Status: open for discussion